About The Lashes

The current lash styles we are focusing on are 3D and natural faux mink lashes. All our suppliers have updated us within the last few months that they have moved to faux mink and are complying with this regulation thus our brand being cruelty free.

These products are carefully handmade which means there may be variation between the lashes. This does not affect the quality or style of the product but if you do have any further problems or questions with this please let us know via our contact page.


When removing the lashes from their packaging please take care as they are delicate. We recommend starting from the corner when peeling away as this prevents the shape and style of the lash altering. Measure the lash against your own eye and cut accordingly. We recommend using Duo Glue to stick our lashes on as we find it lasts a lot longer than other products!

Place a thin layer of the glue on the lash line and wait 30 - 50 seconds as this allows the glue to become tacky and easier to stick to your eyelids.

Lash Preservation

Once you take your lashes are off carefully, use tweezers or your fingers (whatever you find easiest!) and carefully remove the glue from the lash band. Once you have done this, we also recommend using our pink lash brush (provided in our packaging) to comb the lashes through. Once you have done this, place the lashes back on their tray to keep their original shape for easy application next time.

Washing Lashes

If you wish, you can also wash our lashes. In order to do this please follow below:

  • Using tweezers try and peel off as much old glue from the lash band as you can.
  • Place the lashes in a bowl of warm water for 15 minutes.
  • Once the 15 minutes is up, use the tweezers to remove any other bits of glue that you may have missed but be gentle! Repeat the previous step and this step again.
  • Using a towel pat the lashes dry and use our pink lash brush to comb the lashes.
  • Place the lashes back on their tray - this is important to keep their shape when drying!

Although we supply this information, we are not held responsible for any lashes that become damaged when washed.

Faulty Products

If you have received a faulty product please notify us as soon as by emailing enticebeautyx@gmail.com. We will be more than happy to look into this for you and send you a replacement pair!